What Is Special About Sport Cars

Exterior Design and Styling

Quite obviously, the most striking thing you will notice about sports cars would be the smart and sporty looks and aerodynamic styling. An elongated hood that blends smoothly into a long smooth roofline that ends smoothly into a rear spoiler assisted posterior is quite a common feature you will find across this segment of cars. Unless you are looking at the compact sports SUV segment you can forget ground clearance in sports cars. You can also be sure to find some or the other kind of bright and contrasting accents on the outside of sports trims of most cars.

What Is Special About Sport Cars

Another special feature you are bound to find across all Hyundai sports cars would be extra expressive or boldly defined air inlets. All that power causes heat so you need to take in as much air as required to keep the engines cool. Sporty aluminum wheels would be another special feature you can be almost sure to find.

Interior Crafting

Open the doors and you will most often than not be greeted with smartly trimmed interiors with a sporty dual tone finish in most sports trims. The material ranges from premium cloth to leather trims and sometimes even use the expensive Nappa Leather. The slightly compact and cozy seating in such cars is to ensure a snug fit for the driver and front row passengers. The second row is quite often missing giving way to the coupe segment. The cargo or boot space is not something you would want to bargain for when going in for this segment of vehicles but there are certain providers who manage to provide ample trunk space through clever styling and ergonomic design.

Power and Transmission

The Petaluma Hyundai dealer explains that a minimum 2-liter turbocharged engine with 6-speed manual or auto-transmission is unmissable across many sports models. 200 to 250 horsepower is not an unreasonable demand when it comes to sports cars.

In the current scenario, the demand for speed and power makes all cars basically sport cars. Its cleaver fine tuning and a variety of drive settings with power and transmission adjustments that allow one to drive in various modes. Most of the cars coming out today can be switched to different modes such as the eco mode when you are looking to save fuel, the normal or high-performance mode which balances power, fuel consumption, and speed and the sport mode often termed as the turbo mode to give you that extra boost of speed and power when you need it. For this reason, most car makers offer a Sports trim with each of their models. Let’s take a look at what’s special about sports cars and what sets them apart from other cars.